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Fix Your Office Laptops Locally Through Repair Circle

Get Refurbished 

Welcome to Repair Circle – your local repair expert in Berlin.

We're here to make your office life easier by fixing your laptops, providing refurbished devices, and taking care of your old tech responsibly.

Less downtime, more savings, and a greener planet

With Repair Circle, you're not just repairing laptops – you're saving time, money, and the planet.

Our circular economy approach means we prioritize extending device life. This reduces toxic e-waste and helps your business create a more positive environmental impact.

How We Help Your Business


Local love

Save time, money, and CO2 emissions with our local repair services


Green Goals: Savings and Sustainability, Hand in Hand

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's our mission. We're all about reducing e-waste and making a positive impact. Support your local economy while enjoying hassle-free IT solutions.


Enjoy peace of mind with transparent pricing and expert support

Customer sentiment over time gives the unique perspective to understand the “why” behind feedback, while enriching your customer profile data.

What our clients say


Mohan and the Repair Circle team really helped out our team at Kiron. Repair Circle really took the time to listen to our needs as an organization, and my challenges as an office manager.

The devices were repaired quickly, and the communication was always great between Repair Circle and myself. Thank you so much for ensuring that organizations like ours can repair devices and be more sustainable and circular in our approach with hardware.

Aysha, from Kiron NGO


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