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co-founders of Repair Circle, Nikki and Mohan in Berlin at Impact hub Berlin

Interview: Mohan Raj Ramadoss, Repair Circle

Techfinitive recently had a conversation with Mohan Ramadoss,

Co-Founder of Repair Circle, unveiling the platform's inception and goals. Repair Circle is a user-friendly hub aligning with the EU's circular economy vision, effortlessly connecting users to local repair shops, thus promoting a culture of repair and waste reduction. The platform's strategic launch comes hand in hand with the EU's push to enhance consumer rights regarding repairs, making Repair Circle a timely and promising pioneer in sustainable, circular economy solutions.


For more insights and details, you can read the full interview on Techfinitive here.

Repairing instead of disposing: Startup Repair Circle supports established companies in repairing electronic devices

By Anne January 8, 2024

Many people would agree to use electronic devices for longer instead of buying new ones straight away if a general overhaul or repair was straightforward. Unfortunately, it’s often quite difficult for companies and private households to find a suitable repair shop nearby. The startup Repair Cycle wants to change this and supports established companies in their cooperation with regional service providers. In our interview, founder Mohan raj Ramadoss explains how this works and what drives him personally

Repair Circle achieves its first ever B2B client in Berlin, helping the customer to repair their old office laptops locally in Berlin
Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 21.07.19.png

Repair Circle: Making Waves in Berlin's Repair Scene

By Nimish Sawant, June 2024

In a recent feature article by The Berliner, Repair Circle, our Berlin-based online platform, received recognition for its role in the city's vibrant repair culture. The article delves into Berlin's thriving repair community, spotlighting repair cafes, DIY workshops, and initiatives like Repair Circle that connect individuals with vetted electronics repair shops in the area. Celebrating the diverse repair community in Berlin, the article emphasizes the collective effort to mend rather than replace. Repair Circle is honored to be part of this ecosystem dedicated to sustainability and community engagement. At Repair Circle, our mission is to democratize repair and challenge the perception of repair costs. We understand the common belief that repairing electronics is expensive and daunting. Through our platform, we empower consumers to find affordable and trustworthy repair services in their neighborhood. The article also underscores the importance of promoting sustainability through initiatives like repair cafes and textile repair workshops. By extending the lifespan of electronics and reducing electronic waste, Repair Circle contributes to a greener, more sustainable future for Berlin and beyond. While the article acknowledges the challenges and opportunities in promoting repair culture, including consumer behavior and government support, Repair Circle remains committed to fostering a culture of repair and resilience in Berlin. As Repair Circle continues to make strides in Berlin's repair scene, we're grateful for the recognition and support from The Berliner. Together with our community partners and fellow repair enthusiasts, we look forward to building a more sustainable and connected future for all. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a greener world.

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