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Co-founders of Repair Circle, Nikki and Mohan posing for a picture together


We are Mohan & Nikki, the co-founders of Repair Circle. We started this company with the vision to make electronic device repair simple, efficient, and reliable. Our mission is to connect people with trusted local repair shops and help reduce electronic waste.

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About Us

Hi. We are Nikki & Mohan, the co-founders of Repair Circle. ​Our concept for making repair easier and more rewarding was first developed during a whirlwind 48-hour brainstorming and productivity mashup. We came together to tackle repair during the Circular Economy Hackathon organized by Impact Hub Berlin, In coordination with the Berlin Senate and the European Union Social Fund we teamed up with Hanna Dölger, a software developer in the healthcare sector who also shares a passion for sustainability, and we were among the Circular Economy Hackathon winners.  From there it was clear that our passion for making circular practices more convenient - and our desire to tackle the massive e-waste problem - was something we needed to follow.​ We’re working with some of the top Circular Economy, Impact Entrepreneur, and Social Impact experts in Berlin to make REPAIR something that everyone feels is a convenient, affordable, and rewarding option. We’re also teaming up with local repair providers to help them survive the ever changing business landscape and keep small businesses thriving in our communities. Oh, and one more thing about us: We’re also here to show others who may have a problem-solving idea that social entrepreneurship offers a bright future for those with a passion to make a difference.


As  part of Circular Together startup incubator program, we are Supported by

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