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Berlin's Repair Bonus Announcement and How Repair Circle Can Help Stop the Throwaway Culture

Updated: Jun 16

Berliners, get ready for a game-changer in sustainable living! The new Repair Bonus initiative, expected to launch from September 1st, 2024 now includes smartphones and laptops alongside household appliances. This initiative is set to significantly reduce electronic waste and promote a circular economy in our city.

Would repair bonus push people to repair more?

  • Yes

  • No

What is the Repair Bonus?

Repair Bonus will financially support repairs of household electrical devices like coffee machines, dishwashers, and now smartphones and laptops. The initiative encourages repairing over replacing for a variety of appliances, promoting sustainability. Read about repair bonus in Thuringia

Berlin repair bonus announcement
Let's put an end to throwaway culture

Financial Details and Implementation

The Berlin Repair Bonus aims to financially support individuals who choose to repair electrical devices rather than discard them.

Starting September 1st, the initiative will include: Household appliances like coffee machines and dishwashers, Smartphones and laptops. Those who repair devices can apply for reimbursement online:

  • Repair cafe costs fully reimbursed between 25 and 200 euros

Half of repair costs reimbursed at specialist businesses, ranging from 75 to 200 euros

  • Total budget of 2.5 million euros allocated for this and next year. source: Rbb24

Benefits of the Repair Bonus

Environmental Impact: Similar programs elsewhere have shown impressive results, saving 250 tons of electronic waste in Thuringia and reducing CO2 emissions by 2,000 tons over two years.

Economic Boost: By promoting local repairs, the Repair Bonus supports Berlin's repair cafes and technicians, bolstering our economy and preserving skilled jobs.

How Repair Circle Supports the Initiative

Local Accessibility: Repair Circle facilitates accessible and convenient repairs. With over 50 satisfied customers and 64 devices repaired locally, our platform simplifies diagnostics, scheduling, and reduces time and costs.

Environmental Commitment: Repair Circle has prevented over 200 kg of e-waste, contributing to a greener planet and a sustainable future for Berlin.

Looking Ahead

As the Repair Bonus program launches, Repair Circle stands ready to support Berliners. Stay tuned for updates and learn how you can participate in making repair the norm for a more sustainable future.


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