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REPAIR makes sustainability easy and affordable for your business

Getting serious about sustainablity in the workplace can be as easy as keeping the tech you have operating longer - through local repair. And we're here to help! Repair Circle can help your business or organization save :




and the Planet Here’s a snapshot of the savings and positive impact we've helped create for another Berlin organization:

This is actual data from a Berlin organization with more than 50 employees. (These laptops are mainly Macbooks, including Macbook Pro and Macbook Air models, from 2017 or 2018.)

Saving Laptops, Saving the Planet The company had 19 laptops repaired locally through us. Without Repair Circle’s help, these valuable computers might still be sitting in a corner collecting dust, instead of helping employees get their jobs done efficiently.

Let’s face it, whether we work alone or with a team of thousands - time is precious. Just like other organizations, these team members have a lot of demands to meet daily. Before meeting Repair Circle, it seemed easier to replace laptops, rather than repairing them. Instead of discarding these devices, Repair Circle helped make it clear that through repair, the laptops are still efficient and powerful tools.

Collective Impact The impact of Repair Circle's intervention was profound. Not only did the organization save tens-of-thousands of euros by opting for repair over replacement, they also prevented nearly 30kg of electronic waste and 3800kg of CO2 emissions. And a major bonus, the Office Manager saved approximately 24 hours of work time by entrusting Repair Circle to manage the repair process!

Environmental Stewardship Repair Circle's commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond individual repairs. By promoting the circular economy and reducing electronic waste, Repair Circle is helping businesses minimize their ecological footprint. The environmental impact of repairing these laptops is significant --equivalent to the energy saved from charging more than 250 million smartphones.

Join the Movement By partnering with Repair Circle, organizations can not only save time and money but also make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change and toxic electronic waste. Let's work together to make repair the norm again. Together we can create a more sustainable future that enriches local communities. Repair Circle can help your business or organization become more sustainable by repairing devices, using refurbished tech, and safely managing old electronics. Get in touch to improve your company or organization's sustainability profile through repair!


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