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Inside Berlin's Repair Cafes: Free local repair stations across the city

We checked out a neighborhood repair cafe, bringing several items along. Here's our experience! To find a Berlin Repair Cafe near you, click here.

At Repair Circle, we're passionate about making it accessible for everyone to choose repair and prolong the lifespan of their devices. The city's free cafes offer opportunities for you too!

Our Experience Visiting Repair Cafe @Brunnenviertel

The cafes are free to visit, operating on a donation basis. Once we arrived, we met volunteer hobby repair technicians - standing by with a room full of tools, optimism and a shared passion for fixing things. We brought with us two vacuum cleaners and an old rice cooker, each with their own issues needing attention.

Berlin has nearly 20 Repair Cafes where anyone can bring a vacuum cleaner, cell phone, radio or other item and possibly get it repaired on the spot. With access to individual parts and tools, these cafes make quick fixes possible, and encourage a more sustainable approach to care for our belongings.  

We managed to get 2 of the 3 items we brought back in action. (Unfortunately the rice cooker wasn’t able to be resurrected, based on the age of the model and a lack of spare parts available to replace what was broken. This is too often the case for smaller household appliances, and something that a more circular inventory of still functional parts could help remedy.) Discover Repair Cafes in your neighborhood in Berlin

These repair cafes are operating in 17 Berlin neighbourhoods and an excellent way to get things fixed on the spot, or at least diagnose the problem for further care by a local repair shop. We have put together a list of Repair Cafe's in Berlin including their operating times. You can view them using this link with the full list of upcoming dates to find a location near you!

If you aren’t able to repair your item immediately, Repair Circle is happy to help take the process to the next step by conveniently providing you with reliable repair options close to your home. Just fill out our simple form and we'll be in touch!

Wondering what you can bring to the Repair Cafe?

Well, pretty much any electronic item that you can carry! From bikes and headphones to vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, and music players - the repair wizards are up for the challenge. So, if you've got a device in need of some tender loving repair, don't hesitate to pay a visit to one of the handy repair cafes nearby. Your items will receive expert care, and you'll be contributing to a more sustainable and repair-friendly world! Overall it was a friendly and fun way to bring our items back to life and help support a fantastic initiative!

Power of Community

In conclusion, our visit to Berlin's repair cafe was a true testament to the power of community and shared sustainability goals. Witnessing skilled volunteers and passionate individuals coming together to fix and extend the life of electronics was truly inspiring. At Repair Circle, we are committed to fostering all aspects of repair culture and making it more convenient for everyone. By partnering with repair cafes and connecting people with reliable repair options, we aim to create a more circular economy -- giving electronic devices new life, reducing electronic waste and benefiting our local communities. Join us on this journey as we strive to make repair the norm once again and build a more sustainable future together. Together, let's repair, re-circulate, and renew!


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